Professional Head Lice Removal Services


 I really appreciated Lice911! It's so nice to go to someone who knows what they are talking about and every 'head' situation is manageable to them. Very beautiful salon and relaxing environment, I would highly recommend Judy, Barb and the team! Jaimie 

 Your response is the bright spot in an otherwise emotionally and physically exhausting week. I'm 68 and have never dealt with head lice. I went into hyper-vigilant mood and washed my clothes and sheets so many times my utility bill will be the equivalent of a vacation in the Bahamas. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Consider yourself hugged.

God bless!  Bernadette, California 

 Saved my sanity! I called the day before got in next day at 10am for my daughter! My daughters hair took 2 whole hours and was well worth the $120 ! Very comfortable atmosphere and really informative as I was ready to burn my condo down lo! We got a booklet which completely made me feel better that I didnt have to burn my home down or shave the family cat lol. Ty so much!!😃 Deb Jackson 

I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am for your services. In my times of panic you have brought be reassurance and calm Your warmth and knowledge makes a difficult situation so much easier and more manageable. From the comfortable setting, to the accommodations and “treats” for the kids, to the amazing tool kit and support services, you have really thought of it all. I have learned SO much from you and I appreciate you answering my multitude of questions with such patience. I have forwarded your info on to my daughter’s school in hopes that they can become one of the “enlightened” schools. It is very clear, that you have a passion for helping and educating others which I hope continues to bring you much success. I love how you get people to break the silence and look forward to your continued success!  Andrea, Vancouver     

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your information on how to get rid of the lice.  It was due to your incredibly detailed information about how to comb out the hair that we were able to arrive at your house with nothing to comb out.  I must admit, I was actually surprised.  I thought for sure I had missed some.  Then, to top it all off, your colleague Judy still spent all that time with me showing how to do the comb out and talking me through everything.  Having that "rat-tailed" comb makes a big difference too!   Seeing the samples you had was also really helpful too! 

I just hope you know how grateful I am that you still took the time to show us how to do comb outs, were patient with all my questions, and didn't make us feel "bad" about having lice.  Such a silly stigma that is still there about head lice, but you never made us feel bad in any way.  So, thank you for everything. Eliza, Maple Ridge

 I knew it would happen at some point in our lives, humans get lice . . . but what I thought I knew and what I learned from the amazing team at Lice911 was life changing! After 3 chemical treatments, a tonne of tea tree oil and 6 weeks of countless hours 'picking through' the head; we just couldn't understand why or how the lice were still present.  I fully understand now. If there's nits there's at least one louse. It only takes one, and one becomes 10 very very quickly! . . When Lice911 came into our home they were respectful, fully equipped,  not only with all the supplies they needed but their knowledge and straight forward facts were outstanding!  I feel so incredibly thankful that I reached out to a women who has spent 15 years researching, treating and LOVING lice!  I recommend you contact Lice911 and experience first hand the expertise and humble character of the company- they helped us tremendously and they will help you too! L. Comox 

I'm so thankful for the wonderful ladies at Lice 911! They put my mind at ease, made me feel comfortable, and were fast and efficient. They brought to light the truths and myths of head lice with their vast knowledge on the subject - something only years of experience and plenty of trial and error could teach. I can't thank them enough for helping to get myself and my sons lice free!  Brittany, Nanaimo 

 Judy was so fabulous, what a great service . She was so informative and helpful. Judy was so great with my girls, they were sad she had to leave. Don't waste your money on store bought products, call the service first. Simone, Coquitlam  

 This was a fantastic service. Full of great information and felt confident my hair is healthy again. Lovely ladies and wonderful company. Definitely recommend. Brie 

 I wanted to thank YOU for such a professional and highly informative training session last night. Your warm, easy going personality made everyone feel so comfortable and all the evaluations show how impressed everyone was by your knowledge. It makes me kinda wish I could go out nit-picking this morning now that I've been taught the skills!! Isobel, Abbotsford 

 I would just like to say how wonderful Judy was when she came to our house last Wednesday. She is such a lovely lady!   So kind and good with my children and with me!   Thank you for having your business and providing such a needed service - you have no idea how much better I am dealing with this the second time around knowing you are there to help.  Veronica 

 Thank you very much for your services - I much prefer a natural treatment for anything that can be treated in that way, so I was extremely happy to find out your offerings were organic (in the sense that no chemicals are involved)!!! Your practitioners are wonderful with children and make everyone feel comfortable! Thank you so very much!!! Caroline  

 Heather was so awesome we were so impressed on how she handled the kids she wasn't afraid to catch anything (as other people treat it like the plegg lol) Heather even gave my children treats even tho they weren't being treated by her she is so patient with the kids:) if I need Lice911 again I'm asking for Heather:) she's also really great to talk to Heather ur welcome at my house anytime:) Katrina 

 I am so glad I found barb and her staff at lice911. Not only were they extremely professional they made me feel at ease about lice being in our household. I came into our first session dreading how long the lice would stick around and after leaving I was confident that we were louse free and would beat this thing fast! The staff are so knowledgeable and are very great teaching their clients about lice and how to handle it. Thanks again and I will be recommending you to anyone I know who needs this service.  Meagan, Langley 

 I didn't know what to do so I turned once again to the internet and decided to call Barb at I had heard some of the moms at school talk about her business so decided to call her to get some advice. She talked to me for about 20 minutes. "It's all about breaking up their reproductive life cycle", she told me. Barb researched this business for an entire year before embarking on it nine years ago. She knows her stuff! more... Wendy, 

  I have only good things to say about Lice911! The assurance they give by just walking in the door is worth every penny! Thank you so much for your knowledge and excellent service. If we ever go through this again I will 100% be calling you guys! Majessa   

 If you having trouble getting rid of lice the lice 911 ladies are at your service, My daughter is 9 year old and has trouble sitting for long periods of time and Judy made her feel comfortable and kept busy with movies and toys. The office is clean and the staff are not only professional but friendly too.  Terra  

 "I am very glad I went to Lice 911 as I learned a lot and now know what to do if it happens again. They made it simpler for me and less overwhelming. I do however wish I knew about all these details before this happened then it would not have been such an ordeal! Educate yourself before it happens!" more...    Cathy, 

Amazing service by great people. We were extremely happy and thankful for the help. Bob Vancouver 

Just after one treatment I have noticed a huge difference and I feel alot cleaner knowing I dont have a huge amount of lice on my scalp anymore. I felt so comfortable during treatment. Thank you so much! Brittany  

Thank you for being so great! You guys took a stressful situation and made it so much better! Megan

I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have done with one of my students.  This little girl is now thriving and learning at school, and I know it is a direct result of the work you and your team have done in her home. In my 30 year career as a teacher, I have never seen a case like this. My student was so badly infested, she was unable to focus on anything, making it extremely difficult for her to succeed at school.  Since her treatments she has become a different child!  Happy, enthused, thriving, etc.  I feel it is a huge gift to her and of course her family.

I just can't thank you enough for giving this child the freedom to now learn and be happy.  I am forever grateful to you and your team for all of your hard work with this family.  My student knows there are people who care about her health and happiness and that is invaluable." Janice, Vancouver 

My two girls went from hysteria at the discovery of lice in one to calm understanding of the precautions they can take--all because of Reanna's information and technique based approach. They feel more in control because they can now be proactive in avoiding certain behaviours that would make them more likely to contract lice in the future. As a family, we know how to deal with the situation if it arises again in the future. And we love the space as it is set up to occupy little people really well!  Michelle

Hi Barb, I wanted to let you know that I was successful in getting rid of the lice. I ordered the head magnifying glasses from you and I used medical tweezers to scrape off the eggs left after combing. I did not want to do a third nix treatment on anyone of us. We have been lice egg free for over a week! The only way it will come back is if the kids are in contact with others who have live lice. It was a ton of work/time (about 3 weeks) and I will of course need to keep checking.  What a relief to get our life back! E Seattle