Professional Head Lice Removal Services

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The LICE911 Difference

Why we're different...

LICE911 has a proven record of helping families get and stay lice free. Our system works 100% of the time, it doesn't matter if you've just caught it, or you've been struggling for a long time.

We're different because we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to head lice. We're the first head lice removal company in BC and we've been working with lice for over 18 years.  Our lice technicians are extremely knowledgeable about head lice and know the emotional toll having lice in the home can take on a person. We're here to help, that is our promise to you.

We use a reduction combing method that will  break up the lice life cycle. This is an all natural process and head lice cannot become resistant to this method. Our removal method has a 100% success rate and all you need is a good comb and plenty of hair conditioner to be successful. 

This process is safe for everyone and the key to this method is to schedule the followup combouts correctly. The first combout removes most of the larger live lice and nits that are on the head.  Anything left behind is easily removed with each subsequent combout and long before they can reproduce. 

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Our removal process works every time, guaranteed. We have successfully helped thousands of families beat the bugs!

LICE911 advocates against the use of pesticides, gimmicky concoctions or expensive devices to get rid of head lice. These aren't necessary and often do not work.

We continue to share our knowledge through our removal services, help line, presentations, training sessions and our school and camp screening services.