Professional Head Lice Removal Services

How to get rid of lice - DIY lice removal

There are two main removal methods for head lice.... chemical treatments  or  wet combing. 

If you use an OTC treatment for head lice, this must be followed with regular combouts so that you break up the lice life cycle and keep it broken up. This is how you can be sure to eliminate them for good!

 The Wet Combing method is the safest and easiest way to get rid of head lice. This method focuses on breaking up the life cycle of the head louse by manually removing all live lice and nits every 3 days. 

 This is the most important step in the removal process and must be done regardless of whether or not you decide to use over-the-counter head lice treatments. 


A combout will include applying a carrier to dry hair (carriers include: hair conditioner, olive oil, Vaseline, mayonnaise, cetaphil etc.) Then using a good lice comb and meticulously combing through the hair. The carrier is what will slow down the live lice so you do not want to combout without it. You can start combing as soon as it is applied to the hair as it starts to work immediately.

The first combout will remove the adult live lice and most of the nits. There will be some  left behind but these are still too small. You will catch them on the next combout. Schedule your combouts every 3 days afterwards to catch the live lice and nits that were missed. This is how you beat their lifecycle as it gets them out before they can grow to an adult.


Remember there is no wrong way to combout.

Schedule your combouts every 3 days for 3 weeks to beat the lifecycle. 

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